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Save serious $$$$ on your next transaction in the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan and Foley areas.  Save about $2K on a $400,000 home, $5,000 on a million dollar condo.  Read on to learn about the Hometown Heroes program offered by Dave & Ann, the DnA Team at Fathom Realty....

Our communities are better because of the heroes who dedicate their lives to serving. Military, doctors, nurses, first responders, and others in the medical fields, educators, nonprofits, government employees, and support staff for all of these are all our Hometown Heroes.  When these Hometown Heroes sign up with Dave and Ann and close a deal to buy a house or condo, they get money at closing to help pay for closing costs, a downpayment, buy down the interest rate, pay pre-paids like an appraisal and more!

DnA Team has joined the Hometown Heroes program to show our appreciation to these heroes. We are the only local participants in the Hometown Heroes program and we look forward to helping you with buying or selling real estate here on the Gulf Coast. For every buyer and seller hero, we will give 20% of our commission at closing to help cover the down payment, closing costs, and other expenses. We are also partnered with Encompass Lending which also offers to give back to buyers when using them for your real estate purchase.

Reach out to Dave and Ann today so we can get set up in the program (its free!) and help you save $$$$ on your next real estate transaction.